MarynSol provides advanced Marine Surveys and Data Analytics
solutions to the Offshore & Marine Renewable Energy sector



SeaSmart is an advanced set of marine data management technologies that collect Better Data for Better Decisions.

Marine Renewables Energy companies that need to better exploit their data can use SeaSmart to improve their field operations and gain business insights.


Automated Marine Surveys for Better Site Assessments

SeaSmart::Survey is an automated data acquisition payload for marine survey on conventional vessels, or from Unmanned Vehicles. It can automatically interface to survey sensors, configure them and acquire data to exact specifications. 

By automating survey data acquisition, SeaSmart facilitates Marine Energy companies to obtain more, and better organised site survey data. Data can be delivered faster, in more consistent formats, ready for immediate reporting. For the client, better data means reduced project risks.


Data Management & Analytics Tools for Operational Assets


SeaSmart::Analytics is an Energy Data solutions product which offers advanced data management and analytics tools for Marine Energy companies to analyse, visualise and securely archive operational data from their field assets.


This helps Marine Energy companies better deal with the vast flows of real-time data from their operations, and exploit it for maintenance, compliance, and business insights.

About Us

The MarynSol team combines expert knowledge of marine data analytics technology, and the operational needs of the Marine Renewable Energy industry.

We are based in Edinburgh, but look for clients worldwide. We believe that Marine Energy companies that exploit their data will perform better. MarynSol aims to be their data solution provider of choice. Helping clients make informed decisions on the best information.

SeaSmart: Better data. Better decisions.

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Clients and Partners

Spotlighting Success

Nova Innovation are leading Tidal Energy developers, and have built the Shetland Tidal Array - the world's first grid connected Tidal Stream array. Nova Innovation wanted to better exploit their data from their operational array to better understand its performance. MarynSol provided a solution built on SeaSmart::Analytics giving them real-time and historic access to their data for insights into system trends. It operates in their secure network environment, and fully integrates into their operations centre.


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